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Welcome to the Punk Music Sharing Community. Our purpose is to help you find new punk music from artists who you've never heard of, or those you know and love. We do have a couple of rules, so that this place doesn't get flooded by Good Charlotte and Blink 182 and other garbage. Most of our rules have been shamelessly stolen from gothmusicshare, because they run things so smoothly over there.

1) All posts must contain a song or a link to songs. The easiest way to do this is to upload a song on a site like


, Rapidshare, YouSendItor your own server. Sites like those do delete your file after certain number of uploads or a certain number of days and it will be up to you whether or not you upload the song for us again. Post the new link in the same post. Note: On a high speed connection this takes about 5 minutes.
2)NO posting of albums that are still in print, or can be purchased via any music retailer or online store. You will be warned the first time, followed by a automatic ban the second.
3) Yes, you can promote your band, as long as you provide us a way to listen to your music either online or by giving us files.
4) This is not a place to post club flyers or set lists (unless you're going to give us every song on the set list :P.) There's other communities which will be glad to have you share your set lists. This is not one of those communities.
5) No whoring other communities unless you've been approved by albinoblackguy

6) Constructive criticism for a new band is great but there is absolutely no need for bickering just because you don't like the artist someone posted. If you're a problem more than once, you will be banned.
7) We like MP3, WMA, and AAC formats. If you need to convert files to one of these three formats, use Switch.
Zip and rar files are okay if you're sharing a whole album. Videos are also okay.
8) Your post should give us this information:
Song Title:

9) Please post as Friends Only.
10) Post as much as you want.

Other things to know:
I will be setting up a requests page. If you want to request something, make a comment there. Please check the requests page regularly and see if you've got anything there. Then post it with a subject line that lets me know that it was a request. When a request is posted, it will be deleted as soon as I get around to it.

Also, if you have some great post-punk, horror punk, or something along those lines, you may want to consider posting it on gothmusicshare as well as on this community.

- Mainstream Mall punk shit. If you're going to make a post that says "OMG LOOK AT THIS, ISN'T BLINK 182 THE GRETEST!?!" Just stop, and realize that if you post that, you will get eaten alive. Even if it's not taken off the site, you'll still get ridiculed and heckled so much that you will never want to post here again.

- Modern Emo. Good, oldschool emotive hardcore will work, but if you post Taking Back Sunday, it won't be tolerated.

- Stuff that strays too far from punk rock. As we all know, punk has influenced dozens of other forms of music. These punk-influenced genres are allowed, but if it strays too far from punk, then just leave it out of this community. For example, old school hip hop that isn't a load of garbage can be posted, but a majority of modern rap out there shouldn't be posted.

-No racist/neo-nazi garbage. Stuff by skinheads is fine, just make sure it's not neo-nazi or racist shit.

And most importantly: If you download something and like it, please support the artist and buy their music.

Breaking these rules will get your post deleted. Breaking the rules more than once will get you banned. :)

Hey look, banners! PROMOTE GAWD DAMMIT!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket