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BFBD (our band) [Jun. 5th, 2012|08:10 pm]
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BFBD: love.hate.sex

Hey everyone this is Mr.Namakemono from BFBD. We are a fairly new band from Toronto Canada, and are looking to get some feedback, maybe a fan!? haha are we entitled to dream yet?...Our music is a sorta Psycho-Electro Punk. Think babes, fire, guitars and dogsleds...that's what I dreamt about last night...pretty damn wild eh!? Thats the kinds stuff that fules our music! and beer...mostly beer, or whatevers cheap and handy...
Enough, Picture time! Our Logo and boobs!!
BFBD Hot Boobs Logo!
Anyways there is actually music...come see our LJ for more, or click the boobs for our facebook! Theres a few tracks at both locations, let us know what you think. Thanks :)